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Traditional materials | contemporary design

We believe in contemporary architecture based on local tradition. The use of local materials makes the villa's blend into the surrounding countryside. Style and form ensure a contemporary feel. This makes the villa's unique in the Dordogne.

New build | the advantages

There are several reasons to choose for a new build development. Modern techniques and the use of quality materials ensure you of a care and work free time in France. Or maybe you prefer new build because of the value for money aspect. We think the most important reason to choose for new build is the opportunity to adjust the design to your wishes, creating your unique (holiday)house.

Your specifications | creating your house

The design offers lots of opportunities to adjust the house to your taste and style. According your wishes it is possible to add a bedroom or a bathroom, or both. The finishes can be completely your choice or, if you don't like choosing you can stick to the standard high quality finishes. Get in touch with us to see what the possibilities are.

Please note that due to the building permit it is not possible to change the facades of the villa's

Prices | according your specifications

According to your specifications prices can vary. Prices start at euro 399.900,-. Prices include a budget for kitchen en bathroom fittings. A pool is not included in the price. Please feel free to inquire about the price of an optional infinity pool.